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Over Sixty years Of Italian Specialties!

A Story From The Beginning....

Pietro and Cristina Ferrara with two of there grand children Antonio DeGaetano and Giovanni DeGaetano.


Pietro Ferrara and Cristina Ferrara were a young couple that got married at the age of eighteen. Born and raised in Campobasso, Italy, Pietro joined the military in World War II. Then, after a few years went by, the war was over, and they both decided to move from Italy to Canada to join other family members.  In Canada, Cristina took care of their two baby girls while Pietro went from job to job trying to support his family. After a few more years, Pietro and Cristina received a call from Cristina's parents who were in America and told them that they should move there .  So, they packed up all their belongings and moved to America," the land of the free.” 

When they arrived in America, they moved to a town called Franklin in Massachusetts where Cristina's parents lived. Once they came to Franklin, Pietro and Cristina decided that they wanted to open a business where all of their family could work together.  So, in 1961, Ferrara's Market opened; this store was Pietro and Cristina's dream. The store’s original location was at 9 Washington St. in Franklin.  This market was like no other around; they specialized in all Italian tradition items .  As the years went on, Pietro and Cristina had two more girls, and their family business grew as they all worked together day and night to keep the market going.  Pietro would drive into Boston every week to get only the best quality meats and products he could buy while Cristina stayed at the market making only the best homemade meatballs, sausages, chicken cutlets, veal cutlets, and their famous sauce. Pietro was known for making the best porketta and brascioles in town, and not to mention his homemade sausage. Pietro and Cristina owned and ran Ferrara's Market for over 40 years, then, in 2001, they finally decided to retire.   Pietro and Cristina will always be remembered by their customers for how they always treated each one with kindness and respect. 


Now, the store is relocated at 20 West Central Street in Franklin, Massachusetts in the Ferrara Plaza. Their grandson, Joseph DeGaetano, is now the owner.  He has been in the business for fifteen years. The family business continues as Joseph runs the store and has support from the rest of his family. Pietro and Cristina could not be any happier that their family business is still going after all these years. Ferrara's Market has now been open for over 60 years. Joseph is still using all the family recipes and follow's his grandfather's famous quote "work, work, work…"